Our Approach

image-7O2C Advisors bring years of hands-on industry experience successfully executing solutions through people, processes and system automation initiatives at global publicly traded companies.

Our consulting approach depends on the type of engagement and each customer’s unique facts and circumstances.  In most cases, the process begins by taking a facilitative approach leveraging our years of professional experience and the concept of interactive enquiry to understand management’s goals and objectives, and the underlying commercial opportunities or challenges facing a company.

Whether a company is experiencing significant growth or downturn, launching new products and services, facing new regulatory and accounting changes or executing a large commercial transaction, we formulate alternatives and practical solutions with considerations to existing staff levels, processes and systems.

No matter the approach, the most difficult aspect of any initiative or project is the introduction of change and getting started. Our change management approach involves working with change leaders to overcome resistance by:

  • Securing senior management and human resources buy-in
  • Developing a strong cross functional Steering Committee
  • Determining the source of process dissatisfaction through interviews
  • Prioritizing sources of dissatisfaction with key stakeholders input
  • Designing a weekly communication plan
  • Creating a vision to inspire people into action
  • Providing a framework for key stakeholders to build the final solution