Revenue Automation Solutions

image-5Despite revenue recognition being one of the most highly contested sections of the financial statements, companies have often relied on manual journal entries and spreadsheets to accomplish their revenue accounting close.  These manual processes can expose an organization to accounting and compliance risk, an extended financial close cycle and the inability for real time revenue visibility.  Our guidance can streamline your accounting processes, while keeping your overall costs to a minimum.

Our consultants were early adopters of revenue-automated solutions. 

O2C can guide your company through each step of the revenue automation implementation project and help you to avoid many of the pitfalls experienced by other companies.

Our success is measured by delivering your automated solution on time, in budget and with minimal impacts as possible to your external reporting and annual auditing processes.  Your company will benefit from our past implementation experience, including the requisite knowledge on how we successfully implemented and overcame many challenges with such an important software project.

Our network of consultants have the experience to execute this critical accounting project:

  • Create a task force to deliver the automation solution
  • Document business requirements for vendor selection process
  • Evaluate vendors with business case and payback model
  • Perform automation readiness assessments
  • Transform processes and systems to enable automation
  • Provide project management and detailed project plan
  • Implement business controls and IT general control frameworks
  • Present project and internal control frameworks to external auditors
  • Design change management, communication and training plans
  • Perform user acceptance testing and simulations
  • Draft management and audit committee presentations

Let us present the customer value proposition and expected return on investment for your organization to proceed today!